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Port Ellen Gemini - A trailblazing new release from the iconic Islay distillery

Twin whiskies mark a historic return

After being closed for over 40 years, Port Ellen makes an iconic return with a legendary new release. Port Ellen Gemini is a set of two uniquely extraordinary bottles, a testament to the distillery's rich past and portentous future.

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twin port ellen gemini whisky bottles in front of a white case and window with ocean view
Marking the return of this iconic distillery, and a new light in its future, Port Ellen Gemini is true taste of a legend reborn – a never before seen release of two unique and priceless expressions of a much-revered whisky, inspired by our rarest cask.Dr. Craig Wilson, Master Blender
Port ellen distillery with ocean in the foreground

Two bottles. Two journeys.

The 44-Year-Old whisky was drawn from three exceptional 1978 European Oak casks, specifically selected long ago for this new experiment. The whisky was then split into two bottles which took diverging paths of maturation; Port Ellen Gemini Original and Port Ellen Gemini Remnant.

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Decoding Whisky Smoke

The science behind aging liquid has always proven to be a bit of a mystery. Now, at a time when technology is revolutionizing every aspect of our lives, the world of Scotch Whisky is not left behind. Port Ellen is unraveling the intricate journey of Scotch Whisky smoke during maturation through pioneering algorithmic designs, providing clarity and understanding of this complex process. Through this visionary experimentation, taste and flavor can now be experienced through your eyes.

bottle of gemini original whisky from port ellen in front of a window with ocean view

Port Ellen Gemini Original: honouring characterful Islay smoke

Port Ellen Gemini Original is an exquisite whisky matured in reserve European Oak butts, longer than any previous release from this cult icon, and left in its original splendour. Whisky expert Charles Maclean says that "the expression has classic Port Ellen character and its surprisingly high strength for its age lends vitality to both aroma and taste.”

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Bottle of gemini remnant whisky from port ellen in front of a window with ocean view

Port Ellen Gemini Remnant: a finish that sets new life in motion

Port Ellen Gemini Remnant, the second of these twin whiskies, embarked on a world-first maturation journey within the Port Ellen remnant cask. Whisky expert Charles Maclean says that “further maturation has markedly increased the flavour profile of this uniquely finished expression.”

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Decoding Whisky Smoke: The Birth of SmokeDNAi

Understanding the Journey of Scotch Whisky Maturation using SmokeDNAi with Port Ellen Gemini

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