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Port Ellen1980 - Single Malt Whisky - Prima & Ultima Third Release

70cl / 59.6% ABV

Port Ellen  1980 Prima & Ultima Third Release

This prized piece of history is the oldest Port Ellen ever to be released with only 555 bottles available. Filled in the year the Queen visited the Port Ellen maltings, this Port Ellen comes from the two very last casks of 1980 which lived all their days on Islay. One Refill American Oak Hogshead, and one ex-Sherry European Oak Butt Selected by Dr Craig Wilson, Port Ellen 1980 is one of eight carefully curated whiskies in the third instalment of the Prima & Ultima series. This whisky of majestic quality is rich and smooth with notes of brine and dry seaweed on the nose. This very special Port Ellen is a perfect balance of sweet, salty, and smoky, with a long, lightly peaty finish.

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Tasting Notes

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Bright, clear 9ct gold. Good beading, copious legs.

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Medium to full.

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A fresh nose, with some prickle closing the aroma initially; lightly drying. The initial impression is lightly medicinal, becoming more maritime as it opens with hints of brine, sea-breeze, dry seaweed or boat varnish. Lightly smoky, with hints of spun honey.

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Rich, smooth and lightly oily in texture. Starts sweet, quickly seasoned with a shake of salt and pepper.

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A long, gently warming and very lightly peaty finish, slightly mouth-cooling, with smoke lingering in the aftertaste.



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